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An innovative process using face to face aeroconfined spraying

The equipment we offer the wine industry is compatible with straddle carriers, towed sprayers and even tricycles.
Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your current equipment by adding our high-performance rings.


Our technology allows your spray to be confined  by an impassable laminar air flow.


The air flow becomes turbulent in the heart of the foliage to favour the deposite of the product in a homogeneous way on the leaves and in the heart of the vine.


A suction effect amplifies the air flow by a factor of 5 and retains stubborn droplets

Example of a 6 rows installation on a narrow vine - 5 doubles rings in the centre and 2 singles rings on the sides.


Bliss Ecospray rings combine the convenience of face to face spraying with the performance of recuperative panels.


Bliss Ecospray rings reduce the losses in the air and on the ground by more than 80% compared to the current state of the art.


Bliss Ecospray rings guarantee an even application to all leaves even in the heart of the crop.

2 models available


Narrow Vines

Width: 35 cm
Depth: 33 cm
Weight: <16 kg
2 treatment heights available : 100 and 125 cm

Exemple: to treat 6 rows, we need 5 doubles et 2 simples rings.




Width: 35 cm
Depth: 20 cm
Weight: <8 kg
3 treatments heights available: 100, 125, 150 cm

For example: to treat 2 rows, 2 rings are needed per row in wide vines. i.e 4 rings.

Example of assembly on a narrow vine - 5 double rings in the center and 2 single rings on the sides


Adaptable equipments for different types of chemical products in conventional and organic farming. (fungicides, insecticides, foliar fertilisers, copper, sulphur).


Economic gain on the use of your chemical product


Bliss Ecospray rings allow to reduce the losses in the air and on the ground by over 80% compared by current state of the art.

How do Bliss Ecospray ring work?

Bliss Ecospray is an innovative technology based on high-performance spraying confined by air blades. When the 2 air blades meets, the turbulent effect allows a better quality of treatment in the heart of the vegetation. An induction effect amplifies the sucked in flow by a factor 5 and retains the rebellious drops.

Does the airflow damage the vine?

At the first leaf or the bud stage, which are the most fragile stages, the air flow doesn’t damage the vine in any way.

What is the minimum flow rate required to supply the BLISS ring?

The minimum flow rate required to supply  is 1000m3 of air per hour per ring.

How is Bliss Ecospray technology different from other existing technologies?

Our technology has several advantages over other existing technologies:

Aerocontainment reduces the drift and turbulence generated within the air prison and allows for better treatment of the leaf core and double-sided leaves.

What is the price of the Bliss Ecospray rings?

How many Bliss Ecospray rings are required?

It is recommended that Bliss Ecospray rings be used as a face by face treatment.

To treat two rows in a narrow vineyard, it is necessary to have at least 2 single rings on the sides and 1 double ring ine the centre.

To treat 2 rows in a wide vineyard, it is necessary to have a minimum of 4 single rings.

Can Bliss Ecospray rings be used as a half row?

It is possible to treat your vines in half row but this is not the recommended use. Indeed, the principle of aerocontainment is to treat two side at a time. 

Where is Bliss Ecospray equipment available?

Today, our equipment is being tested by several winegrowers in France, and will be available for sale from June 2022.

Contact us and we will redirect you to the partner dealer in your area.

What is the evidence of effectiveness of the technology?

Our test results were obtained by following a precise and standardises protocol on artificial vines. To date, our equipment has been tested in real conditions at 15 partner vineyards.

How far from the leaves should the Bliss Ecospray rings run?

The distance to use the Bliss Ecospray rings is between 10 and 40 cm, with an optimum distance of 25cm. If the distance is greater than 40cm, it is recommended to increase the air speed at the exit of the rings.

What dose of treatment is recommended?

There are no restrictions.  The choice of nozzles reflects the flowrate. You can therefore treat:

  • Low volume : 90 L/ha
  • Standard Volume 150L/ha

  • Large Volume 230L/ha

What is the recommended spray pressure?

The recommended spray pressure is between 2 and 4 bar but the most recommended is 2.5 bar.

What is the recommended processing speed?

Our Bliss Ecospray rings can be adapted to all the treatment speeds traditionally practiced, i.e. from 4 to 6 km/h on average.

Beyond that, the quality of spraying is impacted by the speed of advance, so tests are needed to validate the practice of higher speeds.

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