Bliss Ecospray designs high-performance aeroconfined rings

Technology from French Research

Bliss Ecospray was created in january 2021 after a meeting between Vincent de Rudnicki, who developped the company’s techology, and Yves Matton and his associates working ine the start-up stdio Technofounders. Vincent de Rudnicki, a researcher at IRSTEA, has developped a technology to optimise the use of phytosanitary products in the vineyards.

The Bliss Ecospray rings improve the reliability and the quality of treatments in viticulture. They are easy to use and reliable. Today, our system is suitable for all types of vineyards.

Vincent De Rudnick,
co-founder of Bliss Ecospray

A solution to drastically reduce drift

Bliss Ecospray is a technological innovation based on high-performance spraying, confined by air blades. This innovation is mainly aimed at the wine industry, and allows a drastic reduction in the drift of sprayed products while improving the quality of coverage of treated leaves.

When the two air blades meet, the patented turbulence effect allows a better quality of treatment in the heart of the vegetation.

The Bliss Ecospray rings have the advantage of being lightweight, space-saving and above all compatible with multi-row operations to optimise treatment time. 

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Join our adventure and participate in the transition of the agricultural world today! Send us your Curriculum Vitae, we are constantly looking for new talents in our company, to accompany the developpement of Bliss Ecospray every day!


Source : INRAE



Trials in real condition at 15 partner winegrowers in France and launch of the marketing


The company is founded by Vincent de Rudnicki and Yves Matton.


Winner of the SITEVI trade show as part of the Innovation Awards.


Research & technology developpment

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